DVM — Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
A minimum of seven years of university study must be completed to obtain a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. To be eligible to apply to the DVM Program, students must have completed a minimum of two years of full-time study in an undergraduate science degree program. DVM admission requirements include eight specific university-level courses: two biological sciences and one cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, statistics and two humanities and/or social sciences. The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program is accredited in Canada and the United States by the Canadian and American Veterinary Medical Associations and in the United Kingdom by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

RVT — Registered Veterinary Technician
Registered Veterinary Technicians are highly educated and trained professionals working as integral members of the veterinary health care team. Their education provides them with the theory and practical skills essential to deliver a gold standard of veterinary care. For more information click here

VA — Veterinary Assistant
Veterinary Assistants are trained in four areas: Animal Diseases, Care and Restraint, and Grooming, Laboratory and Surgical Support Preparation and Maintenance, Front Office Management and Marketing and Support Studies.

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